Shock-2 For iPhone


With Shock-2 we aimed to build a case that not only protects your phone but optimised the feel & experience of using it. We wanted it slim, strong to protect from shocks & drops, and with a grip that would help improve general usage & playing games as well as reduce the chance of dropping it to start with. It also needed a robust stand for video chat & watching movies & look awesome too!

Built In Video Stand
Enjoy convenient hands-free video chat & viewing of your TV shows & movies with the robust stand. 

Ultimate Non-Slip Grip
With a rugged texture, 'tire tread' design, combined with anti-slip side panels, Shock-2 brings the grip you need to help stop dropping your iPhone6 in the first place. 

Advanced 2-Part Hybrid Protection.
A unique dual material design combines the best aspects of a soft & a hard iPhone 7 case. A soft, shock absorbing TPU inner sleeve (superior to silicone) interlocks with a hard, shock & shatter proof, polycarbonate outer shell for optimal protection in an ultra-slim design.

Reinforced Corners
Dropping an iPhone onto a corner can cause the most damage. Shock-2 has enhanced cushioned corners to bring maximum protection to these most vulnerable points. 

Front-Side Screen Protection
A raised front edge provides a buffer to the screen & helps to reduce damage caused by flat screen-side impacts & reduce slipping when face down on a smooth surface. 


Type: Phone Case

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