The Peanut Foam Roller


The Peanut Foam Roller from #boom is your convenient, mobile sports massage therapist, for a soft tissue sports massage at your own convenience. Ideal for everyday stretching as well as before and after sports and exercise. The unique shape is designed to be more in tune with the contours of the body for easier, safer and unrivalled muscle targeting to massage your muscles including Quads, Hamstrings, Glutes, IT Bands, Calves, Upper Back, Lower Back, Chest, Forearms, Biceps and Triceps.

We’re confident this will be the best foam roller you’ll have used and the last one you’ll ever need. 

"The Peanut is a step up from all other foam rollers I've used!The unique shape allows me to target muscles easier and harder before and after training. Recommended!
Jamie Alderton, Grenade Fit Gym
WBFF Bodybuilding Champion, Body Transformation Coach.


“Solid enough to make a difference but soft enough to be comfortable. Great for taking the pressure off the spine, the IT Band and helping better target muscular areas of the body”
Matt Brown, Premier Training
Educator & Personal Trainer.

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