The Peanut

Self Massage. Solved.



The Peanut Is The Closest You Will Get To A Professional Massage Therapist Without One.
Use your bodyweight and the crafted surfaces of The Peanut to apply controlled, pressure to trigger points and muscles around your body. From before and after exercise, to stretch and support performance and recovery, through to alleviating muscle tightness from sitting all day at work no other foam roller comes close.

The Peanut Is Unlike Any Other Foam Roller On The Market.
The Peanut is very different to other ‘tube’ foam rollers due to its shape, designed to be more in tune with the contours of the body for easier, safer and unrivalled muscle targeting. The central dipped section in particular, allows back relief with much less stress on the spine, allowing more pressure without having to roll one side at a time, better tracking (no sliding off) when rolling IT bands, hamstrings, quads or calves, as well as easy table-top targeting of biceps, triceps and forearms.

We’re confident this will be the best foam roller you’ll have used and the last one you’ll ever need.

Reduce Tension, Improve Performance.
Increase blood flow to muscles, improve joint range of motion, relieve muscle soreness & joint stress, reduce muscular tension, improve recovery from exercise, help correct muscle imbalances, help maintain normal muscular length, help injury prevention & rehabilitation and ultimately improve performance.

Suitable For All Sports And General Exercisers Including:
Running, Bodybuilding, Yoga, Crossfit, Pilates, Tennis, Boxing, Rugby, Weight Training, general gym goers and more.

Portable & Light:
At 31cm x 11cm The Peanut easily fits into your gym bag so you have no excuses for not getting your foam rolling in on the go anytime you need it. Either that or tell your gym to go and grab some Peanuts!