“A really solid case. The two part design is clever and feels really secure.”

Best case I have ever had in the history of my phone-case buying life and I buy a lot of cases.”

Makes it easier to type. It doesn't look like a huge donut around the phone.”

“Now I can watch movies without having to balance it against random objects.”

Plenty of protection for the phone and very easy to fit.”

“I thought by the pics the case would be bulky but I couldn't have been more wrong. I'm extremely happy with this case and I'm going to buy a different colour.” 

“Fantastic product and a brilliant company to do business with. Couldn't fault them one bit.” 

“Phone feels safe, looks good and doesn't feel too bulky. It's also prevents slipping through the hands. Very happy with product.” 

"My friends know my dislike of phone cases, but I have to say that this case is an exception that changed my mind. It makes it easier to type, it doesn't look like a huge donut around the phone, feels like a solid protection of the phone and the rear stand is superbly useful! Highly recommended."

"Overall it's one of the best cases I've had, it adds protection and gives your phone a unique appearance plus a good kickstand to boot without making any sacrifices on the usability of the phone. Recommended."

"The secondary removable shell for this case is wicked, works great with the little stand and I take it off when I'm going somewhere and don't need the extra bulkiness."

"Solid phone case. Really helps with grip and the stand is very useful for watching films."

"Best case I’ve had for any phone. Well thought out grip so I’m less likely to drop it, not bulky at all and lightweight. The stand is a helpful bonus. Very happy and can highly recommend!"