The Grip

One of the downsides of a new generation of larger, slimmer and smoother handsets is that the overall ergonomics are compromised. Simply put, it's harder to hold and use in everyday situations. From simple handling during a phone call through to typing and intense gaming the Shock-2 aims to give you the most secure hold over your valuable handset. 



To the back of the case is our custom 'tire-tread' design. This is an extremely textured polycarbonate section to increase friction when in your hand so you are less likely to drop the phone in the first place. 

This is complemented to both the side and to the top of the case with our soft 'anti-slip' panels to further enhance your grip whether using it is in portrait or landscape.


Since the case has launched we have been told by many that this has become the number one choice of case for many gamers.